How a Little Prep Goes a Long Way Comments

  • By Cynthia Ramnarace
  • August 02, 2013

During a recent Sunday afternoon at Target, I realized that my son had no clean shorts for the next morning and there was no way I’d have enough time (or, frankly, the energy) to do laundry. So I threw three pairs into my cart. While cleaning out the fridge, I unearthed what was once a beautiful pint of strawberries but now was, sadly, anything but.

And how many nights have I walked into my kitchen, the breakfast dishes still on the counter, and detoured from my plans to cook dinner straight to the drawer of take-out menus? Is this how the kitchen looks when Ina Garten happily starts chopping and sautéing? Definitely not. The idea of cleaning the kitchen before messing it up with another meal is just exhausting. 

Now, before you think, “Oh that poor woman, her life is a mess!” I have good news. I figured out a very simple way to stop wasting so much time and money. And it’s a lot easier than you’d think.

I realized that if I added in “prep time” to my mental calendar of everything I needed to get done, I would actually get tasks done more quickly. 

Keep reading for more on how she did it.

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